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The AUTONOTEX project must result in an industrial demonstrator, thus proving that production of connected clothing and linen at industrial scale is possible.

To this end, the project must go through several milestones – namely the development or definition of:

  • conductive compounds and piezoelectric fluoropolymers – they must compatible with the spin-melting process
  • melt-kneaded conductive filaments with piezoelectric effect
  • the necessary electric blocks for an operative clothing – they must take energy, size and use-related constraints into account
  • connectors for the electrical connection between conductive fibers and the power system of the diverse textile embedded-equipment (clothes, underwear and sheets)
  • a collecting and processing system for connected textile generated data
  • clothes from textile fabrics incorporating piezoelectric conductive filaments and all needed electronical pieces (connectors, sensors…) resulting in a wash durable connected textile