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First, the AUTONOMOUS project will positively impact the quality of life for Alzheimer’s patients; they will be kept comfortable thanks to a continuous monitoring. Connected linen will enable to monitor patients’ stress level and quality of sleep to make sure that support stockings are not an inconvenience to them. Probabilities of suffering from bedsores and/or dehydration will be decreased through due to the use of detection systems. Medical staff will be able to intervene quickly as soon as stress levels go too high thanks to an accurate and continuous monitoring of patients. In other words, the AUTONOTEX project also generates positive consequences on health care workers and medical staff’s working conditions. They will be able to prioritize and organize their workflow better via an accurate monitoring of their patients’ well-being and health.

Second, the AUTONOTEX initiative will have significant effects on safety at work due to its large of scope of application namely:

  • monitoring stress levels of people working in risky situations (fire areas, mice clearing operations…)
  • monitoring the state of exhaustion of heavy plant drivers (truck drivers, train drivers, crane operators…).
  • Silhouette shaped light that switches on when cars are driving closer to road engineers
  • Lighting dark response zones for an improved detection of risks

Not only the AUTONOTEX project brings a solution to an important safety issue by reducing the risk of accidents at work, but it also fosters a decrease of psycho-social risks that high-risk trades entail.

Third, launching connected clothing on the market will have positive consequences on the personalized medicine market; it will enable major savings for the health care system thanks to the profiling of patients. A significant decrease of clinical treatment-related costs through real-time processing of patient data and management of patients is also expected.

Furthermore, the project will connect academics, companies and shared platforms in a position of stimulating innovation, boosting career opportunities and promoting a French competitive textile sector strong enough to take on new markets. Strengthening new technologies within the high technology textile industry will boost the economy at national and local levels while fostering the creation and development of start-ups, thus resulting in new jobs. A positive impact on French economic attractiveness and technological influence is expected thanks to the scientific and technical positioning of the AUTONOTEX initiative; PhD students, young researchers and foreign engineers will join the French team already involved in the project.

Last but not the least, the AUTONOTEX project is an environmentally friendly initiative since connected clothing is self-powered. Therefore, not only short-lived rechargeable and disposable batteries are no longer needed, but there is also no need to go through the collect and specific processes to prevent environmental pollution.