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The AUTONOTEX project is part of the initiatives financed by the PIAVE (Projets d’investissement d’avenir i.e. Industrial Projects of the Future) calls for proposal.

The program aims at financing ambitious projects meant to:

  • develop and industrialize a product, service or process OR
  • strengthen the competitiveness of French strategic sectors

Winner consortiums benefit from a combination of grants and repayable loans as financial support from the State.

As the French Public Investment Bank, BPIfrance supports companies to boost the emergence of tomorrow’s economic champions.
The Bank offers financing solutions at regional level well suited to the development of undertakings

  • including, seed funding, strengthening stakeholders’ equity, listing on the stock exchange, loans and so much more:
  • early funding and investment for young companies
  • support for SME growth through co-funding, venture capital and guarantees
  • strengthening development and internationalization of SSEs through venture capital, co-funding, export credit and LBO
  • extension of large companies’ influence zone and capital consolidation: co-funding for export credit and LBO